korean shopping

Of course the attraction of shopping in any foreign culture is the completely different range of items. It’s a bonus if the items are cheap too.

Korean beauty products are big. They have been a steady part of Western shopping for a while, so much so that we tend to not notice that several of the beauty products we use actually are from Korea. Many creams for under the eye are both effective for short term skin care, reducing puffiness and dark circles, but also effective for long term care by including strong Sun protection.

South Korea has popularized the sheet mask. These tighten facial skin. Many are designed for skin around the jawline.

Blackheads affect a lot of individuals. Korean has many effective remedies for this, using anything from volcanic clay to mildly acidic compounds. These only require occasional use for good results.

BB creams- An all in one Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm for the skin. Many people use this as an alternative to foundation, but the cream contains many moisturisers, antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients. No two are alike, but there’s always one to suit every individual. CC cream is another name for the same range of products.

Look for brands: Etrude house, TonyMoly, A’Pieu, Nature republic, Rachel K.

A bonus is the Korean fondness for cute things. Some makeup supplies come in bottles shaped like parrots, peaches or eggs. You’ll want to keep the container.

The only caution is not to use products that contain lead. Restrictions are different in many Asian countries, but no imported products should contain any significant amounts of lead.